An Opportunity to Learn More about the Music of Spain

This fall, Damocles Trio pianist Adam Kent will teach a course entitled "Spanish Music: A History" at New York's Instituto Cervantes. The class will trace the evolution of art music in Spain from the Visigothic era to the present day in eleven lectures. Students will earn a diploma from the Institute by completing a series of assignments and passing a final exam, and scholarships are available for professional musicians, teachers, and advanced music students. Classes are scheduled to begin on September 23 and will be given on Mondays from 4:30-6:30 PM. Instituto Cervantes is an agency of the Spanish government designed to promote Spanish cultural and linguistic studies abroad and is located in New York at 122 E. 42nd, suite 807. For more information please call Instituto Cervantes at (212) 661-6011, ext. 6.

updated: 8/11/2011