Music is a spiritual language which speaks of the emotional and intellectual relevance of distant times and places and articulates the timeless resonance of the present. Music teaches us that hope and despair, solitude and communion, joy and sorrow are universal experiences, not always expressible in words. In our educational outreach programs, we strive to make the language of music accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. Through our interactive activities, lectures, and writings we seek to make audiences receptive and responsive to music's transformative message.


45 min. to 1 hour sessions with 1st to 12 graders (see lesson plans)

One-week residencies (several sessions over one week)

Extended residencies (several sessions over a longer period of time)

Workshops for young music students at music schools

Lectures for college students (non-music or music majors)

Master classes for college music students

Pre-concert talks geared towards concert going adults

In-concert talks (brief discussions of works performed)


updated: 8/11/2011